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Richard Fox

Richard Fox

Richard Fox is a partner in The Learning Corporation, a pan European firm of facilitators, executive coaches and business advisers. He is a member of the International Association for Coaching, an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a credentialed PCC coach with the International Coach Federation and a Master NLP practitioner.

He helped create The Learning Corporation after a successful period as a partner with KPMG, having played a leading role with them in setting up an office and developing a thriving client base.

Richard helps leaders and managers create and sustain an environment in which people can express themselves, optimise their potential and do their best work.

He is currently piloting projects on (a) purposeful lives; and (b) purposeful organisations using creative methods to explore beliefs and values, identity, meaning and purpose and legacy.

His book 'Creating a Purposeful Life' was published in June 2012.

He is an experienced business mentor, facilitator and coach with specialist skills in the key areas of developing people in line with strategy; collaborative working, talent development, building strategic alliances, partnerships and structured networks.

As an experienced facilitator, Richard also works with organisations facilitating workshops on e.g. personal effectiveness, building networking capability, visioning, strategic thinking, managing change, leadership, coaching and mentoring, organisational learning, team working, creativity, innovation and sustainability.

Apart from the enjoyment gained in his work, Richard has a passion for trekking, choral singing, travel, sport, reading and socialising. He is a member of St. Saviour’s Church, Guildford.

You can follow Richard on Twitter @purposefullives.

Further information about The Learning Corporation and me is on our web sites:, and

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Work it out as you walk

One of the professional services I provide to individuals is one-to-one coaching. Here’s an idea for you to consider. Are there any personal or business challenges/opportunities you would like to discuss with me on a confidential basis whilst enjoying a walk in the country? Topics could include:

I’m also happy to facilitate 1-3 day workshops for groups of individuals or work teams where part of the learning could be located outdoors.