Solvitur Ambulando

Richard Fox

Solvitur Ambulando (it is solved by walking) Diogenes 4th century BC

Richard Fox PCC

Richard Fox is a qualified coach and also a Master NLP practitioner. [NLP is the study and modelling of excellence]. He is the author of business books: 'Creating a Purposeful Life', an Amazon no. 1 best selling business book award, 'Making Relationships Work at Work', and with Joanna Lott, 'Your Dream Job Toolkit'.

Work it out as you walk

One of the professional services Richard provides to individuals is one-to-one coaching. Here's an idea for you to consider. Are there any personal or business challenges/opportunities you would like to discuss with Richard on a confidential basis whilst enjoying a walk in the Surrey countryside?

Topics could include:

Richard would also be happy to facilitate 1-3 day retreats for groups of individuals or work teams where part of the learning could be located outdoors.

Other quotations about the power of walking

“I have walked myself into my best thoughts and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. If one keeps walking everything will be alright." Soren Kierkegaard

“There's something about the rhythm of walking how, after about an hour and a half, the mind and the body can't help getting in sync." Bjork Er

“I can only meditate when walking. My mind works only with my legs." Jean-Jacques Rousseau.