cache example

We have placed 11 geocaches around The Fox Way. Each one is a small plastic box containing a notebook and a pencil

Please take a little something with you to swap with the gift in the box, write a short - - - - - - - - - where you found it’

The approximate location of each geocache is below

You can print the details using the Logo to the right

No. GPS coordinates Clue - hopefully a helpful one Photo
1 51°11'11.96"N 0°37'38.07"W Where acorns lie Fox Way Geocache 1
2 51°11'20.69"N 0°39'25.11"W The holly, but no ivy Fox Way Geocache 2
3 51°14'21.09"N 0°39'49.03"W At the fork, double check the direction Fox Way Geocache 3
4 51°16'25.82"N 0°37'54.40"W Anyone for golf? Fox Way Geocache 4
5 51°16'30.33"N 0°35'55.63"W Do you know Hazel, Jordan? Fox Way Geocache 5
6 51°16'53.58"N 0°33'3.24"W Spreading ivy Fox Way Geocache 6
7 51°16'39.21"N 0°28'53.58"W Not a wooden bench Fox Way Geocache 7
8 51°14'41.19"N 0°29'16.58"W Keeping the lonely oak tree company Fox Way Geocache 8
9 51°13'17.98"N 0°28'31.25"W This will have you stumped Fox Way Geocache 9
10 51°12'15.27"N 0°29'31.04"W Is it a may or a hawthorn?! Fox Way Geocache 10
11 51°11'50.99"N 0°32'22.35"W Trinity Fox Way Geocache 11