We have placed 11 geocaches around The Fox Way. Each one is a small plastic box containing a notebook and a pencil.

Please write a short, pleasant message in the notebook, fasten the lid of the box securely and replace the geocache where you found it.

The approximate location of each geocache is below.

No. GPS coordinates Clue - hopefully a helpful one Photo
1 51°11'11.96"N 0°37'38.07"W Where acorns lie Fox Way Geocache 1
2 51°11'20.69"N 0°39'25.11"W The holly, but no ivy Fox Way Geocache 2
3 51°14'21.09"N 0°39'49.03"W At the fork, double check the direction Fox Way Geocache 3
4 51°16'25.82"N 0°37'54.40"W Anyone for golf? Fox Way Geocache 4
5 51°16'30.33"N 0°35'55.63"W Do you know Hazel, Jordan? Fox Way Geocache 5
6 51°16'53.58"N 0°33'3.24"W Spreading ivy Fox Way Geocache 6
7 51°16'39.21"N 0°28'53.58"W Not a wooden bench Fox Way Geocache 7
8 51°14'41.19"N 0°29'16.58"W Keeping the lonely tree company Fox Way Geocache 8
9 51°13'17.98"N 0°28'31.25"W This will have you stumped Fox Way Geocache 9
10 51°12'15.27"N 0°29'31.04"W Is it a may or a hawthorn?! Fox Way Geocache 10
11 51°11'50.99"N 0°32'22.35"W Trinity Fox Way Geocache 11